vetrart titolari soffieria chi siamoOur history

A unique work process, one of the most exclusive named Made in Italy.

Vetrart, company established in 1990 by Daniele Bagnara and Alessandra Schiano, became a creative and harmonious whole of Venetian masters artisans who safeguard one of the most famous artisans’ traditions, appreciated all over the world, working manually each piece. In this way the excellence of the glass can be obtained.

Thanks to a productive staff composed by qualified Venetian artisans the company is affirmed in the European and Global market.
Vetrart, born as producer of high quality gift articles and furnishing accessories, since some years is developing his market into lighting sector following the market’s innovations and requests.
It can’t be luxury producer, only quality; who buy this quality can taste the total luxury.




PURE EMOTIONSThe production starts using the flame that makes the glass phial elastic, so master craftsmen can blow the glass by mouth and work by hand realizing the article; then they put it in oven (before and after the painting). Finally the article is decorated with ribbons, bows, crowns and brooches to obtain a shiny and original result.